Energy Saving Guide For Your Home

There is no doubt that energy prices that seem to go up and up are a real cause for concern. Thankfully there are sites out there that will compare gas and electricity prices from different providers. Anyone who does not choose to compare energy prices risks paying far more than they need to each month. There are providers who have now chosen to fix electricity prices giving customers some assurances for the future. There is an increasing trend for energy comparison that has led to some providers offering better deals in a bid to outdo their competitors. When seeking to compare electricity prices it is worth considering tariffs that allow cheaper electricity at different times of the day. Tasks can be programmed to happen at cheaper times.

Saving money is not just down to being able to compare electricity prices. However householders can do an enormous amount to save money around the home as well as helping reduce their impact on the environment even before undertaking energy comparison exercises.

Windows and doors let in drafts that reduce the temperature all the while the central heating system is desperately trying to warm things up. Insulation tape can be a real help, as well as closing curtains at dusk to help keep the heat in.

We all like to be warm and cozy, but can save a fortune in electricity if we turn the thermostat down a notch. It is also worth turning down the temperature of your hot water. Having a timer system on your heating means you can control precisely when your heating and hot water are turned on and off so that it is only on when really necessary.

Lights and lighting cost householders a fortune and it is a simple task to reduce the costs. Simply turning lights off when leaving a room can make a significant difference. Energy saving light bulbs have revolutionized the way we think about our lighting and switching to them can be extremely cost effective.

With energy prices so high it makes sense not to use more than you have to. Everyone loves a cup of tea, but make sure the kettle is not overfilled and boiling far more water than is necessary. In the same way washing a load that does not make full use of the capacity of your washing machine wastes water and electricity. Always try and make up a full load.

Appliances left on standby are still using unnecessary electricity which can be avoided by simply switching them off. Laptops and mobile phones left on charge also use large amounts of electricity. When items are fully charged, unplug them and then take the charger out of the wall altogether. Even if they are not serving any purpose a charger still uses some electricity all the while it is plugged in.

There is no doubt that energy comparison can really save money. Sites that help householders to compare energy prices can make the task quick and simple.

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