Using Periscope to Build Your Business

Welcome Peri Peeps!

I am eternally grateful to have made it to a MILLION hearts in such a short time after discovering Periscope.  I’m honored to continue the conversation with this lesson. The slide show below will show you how I used Periscope to build a business and how I am actively monetizing Periscope right now!

Social media is about more than interacting with your family and friends; it can help you launch your business while on a shoestring budget. If you have thought of leveraging live streaming to grow your business, the following slides will show you how Periscope can help you built a loyal, paying fan base.

Periscope allowed me to create a class showing others how to make money online using Amazon. This all started with me giving my audience a behind the scenes look at my “side hustles” and small business efforts. My audience was so intrigued that they kept asking questions and asking for more Periscope videos on Amazon.

I finally decided to hold one free webinar showing everyone how to begin selling on Amazon. I created only 50 seats within the webinar space, thinking that no one would attend. That couldn’t have been further from the truth! Instead, the webinar was filled to capacity and I received a multitude of angry e-mails from my Periscope viewers who could not get into the webinar.  I was shocked!  I didn’t have a mailing list and I thought that with a tiny number of Periscope followers (under 1,500), there just wasn’t much demand for that I was offering.  That one webinar proved me wrong.

There I was chatting back and forth with my mastermind group about the number of e-mail messages coming to my inbox asking me to hold another webinar when one of the members said, “Your coins are in your inbox.”  What a light bulb statement and moment.  The way to monetize my Periscope audience really had been in my inbox all along – it was in what they were asking me for.

From there I used Periscope to build a specific, targeted list by sharing one specific link every time I did a Periscope video on small businesses.  They link signed them up for an even bigger webinar which, at its end, would lead viewers to a sales pitch and bigger sales page.  This has been really effective for me and helped me create an entirely new product which will soon be almost entirely automated. By the second day of my product launch, I had broken even and was headed into profitability.

I wish that I had realized that I could monetize Periscope when I first began!  Instead I stumbled along for some time, but all was not lost.  I was able to build a loyal following because they came to recognize that I would offer consistent, valuable information that they could rely on.  You too can do the same.

Here are some best practices for you:

  1. Choose your topic and create a click bait worthy title.  I need to be compelled to click on your link!
  2. Greet your viewers but remember to speak about your topic.
  3. Make mental notes of your audience’s reaction and what they are asking for.  This should guide you in future actions.
  4. Always give your audience a way to get more from you. A website is almost a must have and should be in your profile.
  5. Scope on a regular schedule if possible, but scarcity is also a good thing.
  6. Make sure that your brand is the same across all social media. Don’t have one name in one place and a totally different one in another.
  7. Monetizing? Determine your strategy before you begin and have that built ahead of time.
  8. It’s okay to pivot and change, but be careful not to confuse your audience! If you’re a natural hair blogger who is suddenly Periscoping about cooking, your audience might not follow along.
  9. Remember to continue giving free content as well. Just because you sell something doesn’t mean that you stop giving.
  10. Mistakes are okay. If you stumble, correct and keep going.

Would you like to see what my audience sees when I am monetizing a video? Simply follow the link that I share in my Periscope videos, to be taken to my simple pitch page that will add you to my mailing list designed for entrepreneurs. From there you will be invited to my webinar and from my webinar, you will be led to my Amazon product sales page located at

If you’d like to learn more about me, please feel free to begin here and then browse through my website.  I help people get out of debt by sharing strategies for how I did so myself.  I teach my students that a small business or side hustle can help them get out of debt faster than sacrifice alone especially when you have no time for a second job.  Helping entrepreneurs build small businesses gives me a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Good luck with your entrepreneurship efforts.  Be sure to incorporate live streaming if you can.


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