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June 1 Debt Check

Alright, I’m back. I was on the receiving end of a stern talking to about working too much for the company that is not my employer and putting everything else, this blog as well, on the sidelines. With that, my apologies for disappearing. I was spread way too thin and just couldn’t do everything anymore. Let’s enter the confessional.

Forgive me readers for I have sinned. It’s been three months since my last debt check in. In the five plus years that this blog has been in existence, there had only been one month of debt checks that was missed…until the past three months. It appeared to others as if I had walked away from this blog, in fact, I’ve received four offers to buy this blog. I can’t say that I was ever tempted though. Seems like I’ve got some more juice left in the old veins.

Before I get to the debt, I want to recap this whole job thing a little. Way back in the wilds of October, I took a consulting gig that was scheduled to end three months and one week later. ┬áThe entire reason for taking the job was because it was supposed to be short-term and it would give me an opportunity to reduce the debt a little while I decide if I wanted to get back to work on a full-time basis. […]

March 1 Check In

Can you believe that it’s March already? Before we know it, it’ll be Spring and we’ll all be back in our gardens pulling at weeds and planting new trees. I love this time of the year because it’s filled with the possibility of what’s to come.

As with the beginning of every month, it’s time to review how my finances are going. The entire reason why I created this blog was to keep myself accountable in my journey towards debt freedom. I’m not ashamed of my debt since I’ve long ago separated the numbers from who I am as a person. This is especially true because all I have left, including what’s on my credit card, originally came from student loans, a home purchase or left over charges from when I closed my business. Nothing in the numbers that share with you comes from consumer debt. […]