What To Do About The Government?

What To Do About The Government?

Time to really handle this whole tax situation and effed up predicament that I find myself in.  Get caught up on with my crazy situation before reading the rest of this post.  So, I think that I have a couple of solutions available to me.  Check them out below.

  1. I can probably get a loan from Prosper.com for the entire amount that I supposedly owe, pay the government off and then wait for them to do a review and send me a refund check.  At this point I’m considering it because I really want to get THE MAN off my back.
  2. The other option that I have is to get a personal loan from a bank, if I qualify.  I would have said sure, I qualify before, but now that my credit score has tanked like the economy because of this crap, I’m not so sure.