Thanksgiving food On The Cheap

Thanksgiving Dinner On The Cheap

Thanksgiving is this week. Two of the most popular search terms for this blog are “cheap ass food” and “how to feed my family cheap”.  I used to do a weekly post called “Feeding My Family of Four For Under $10”.   This made me think of how I could help you feed your family cheaply on Thanksgiving without missing out on some delicious foods. I have to say right away that I am not a fan of turkey.  Hey, if it works for you then more power.  I’m open to other things. So, this post will a few different ways that you can  quickly and easily put together a belly bursting Thanksgiving that won’t melt your wallet.

  1. Meat Product
    • You don’t need a humongous bird.  There is no reason to get a huge centerpiece of a bird where you will be praying that there are no leftovers that will force you to invent new ways to serve the same bird.  Get a bird on the small side, say 10 pounds.  You’ll have more than enough turkey. […]