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Tips for Gambling Responsibly

Editor’s Note: A favorite summer destination for my brother and I (back in our 20’s) was Las Vegas.  There my brother discovered his love of gambling.  Me? Way too cheap to gamble, but he continues to do so often.  If you plan on gambling any time this summer, here are some tips from him.

Any seasoned gambler knows that gambling responsibly and maintaining good judgement is the key to a happy and productive experience.  You should never gamble more than you can afford and you should always log how much you’re spending each week.

It’s always good advice to keep a detailed log of how much you’re winning and losing as well as the nature of each bet you make.  This not only makes for sound financial sense, it also informs you as to what a good bet may be, with different punters having different but often creditable theories.  This applies to the casino as much as to the sports field. […]