What's Keeping You From Finding A Job

What’s Keeping You From Finding A Job

My post about the past two years of a friend’s adventure from getting laid off to looking for a job resulted in different kinds of comments in the blogosphere when it was featured on a few different sites. Comments ranged everywhere from agreement that it was her fault that she was still unemployed, to me being a horrible friend, me having an elitist attitude and looking down on unemployed people, etc.  I understand and welcome  everyone’s perspective, but can’t agree with them all.

These comments did make me think about all of the people who are actively seeking and having a hard time finding employment. As I mentioned in one of my responses to a comment on the other post, I know what it is like to try finding a job in the current environment. Between my mom’s home and mine, I am the only person that if fully employed. That’s between 6 working age adults. My mom is currently on disability, so I don’t count her. My step-father has been on a work slowdown since the factory that he works in will close in January after something like 80 years in operation. He’s a 57 year old blue collar worker. How easy do you think it will be for him to find a job? Due to efficiencies that I am currently working on to automate much of my own job responsibilities, I predict that I’ll probably be out of work within 5 months or so. Yes, I know, I’m making it easy for my employer to let me go by helping them to automate my work and outsource the rest. But what choice do I have? The job market here is brutally hard, especially if you are a blue collar worker, or if you work in the financial industry. But the fact still remains that while it is hard to find a job, it is not impossible. […]