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Help A Reader: I’ve Got Serious Student Loans

I’ve been stuck, seriously stuck with the worst case of writer’s block. I could not get one word on a page…that is until I received an e-mail from Terri.  Here goes!

Hi there! Your story is inspiring and I could use some practical, objective advice. I will give you the outline version of my situation.

– Graduated from college with $90k in student loan debt *anxiety strikes just from typing that number*
– That is for both undergrad and grad school
– Employed full-time but only making $19/hr
– No credit card debt (thankfully)
– Car is paid off. Nothing too fancy, a dependable 2005 Jeep
– No outstanding medical debt
– I definitely do not live beyond my means. Cook dinner at home 90% of the time, no fancy vacations or shopping sprees

I’m actually quite sensible with my money but the student loans are overwhelming! With my current salary, I am only making enough to pay bills and meet living expenses. I’ve been looking diligently for a better job but that hasn’t happened yet. I know my earning potential is great, but right now I feel stuck.

Advice, please!!! Thank you in advance.

I loveeeee some reader advice. It makes the writing juices flow. Here goes my advice.