3 Jobs Where the Long Hours Actually Pay Off

Many people tend to complain about their jobs, this could be because they don’t like their job or because they think that it is “hard.” There’s a notion that working long hours really doesn’t pay off in personal satisfaction and you should have time for other activities. This paradigm is wrong, however, when it comes to these careers. People with these jobs work big hours and get paid big money, which is the American way.


You probably knew that this occupation would be on the list. Many people with the hopes and dreams of becoming doctors have to look at their time as a long-term investment. Some doctors in their residency work the longest hours of their career. These can be anywhere from 80-100 hours of work at a generally low salary. This goes on for a full year or even multiple years depending on what specialty the doctor is going into.

Then the doctor can be hired on by a hospital after this, the hours get shorter by an incremental amount though. The pay is the thing that increases immensely after the residency is over. Nurses also experience the plight of working long hours, which nearly always rise well above and beyond 40 hours per week. This can range anywhere from multiple 12 to 16 hour shifts during the week.

Nurses get paid well, although this may be overlooked because of the amount that doctors tend to get paid. These jobs are different in the sense that the minds of these workers always have to be sharp, because their patients’ lives depend on it.

Investment Bankers/Stockbrokers

This is much like the doctors and nurses in the sense that they have a couple years of long hours with pay that may not be matching performance. Once an investment banker has paid their dues and has climbed up the corporate ladder, though, the pay goes right through the roof! Depending on what time zone these brokers are in, they can start their day’s anytime whether it be in the middle of the night or after the common day job has just ended and go through the night.

Although we aren’t talking the 100-hour weeks that residents in the medical field go through, it isn’t uncommon to hear about 80 to 90 hour weeks. Don’t feel bad for them just yet, however — they’re compensated amply with bonuses and commission. You can find out much more on this website for investment careers or even by doing a little bit of research. These are the types of careers that you work hard and get paid large amounts for the work that you do.


This is a career that you have heard of the long hours that have been logged by the straight-out-of law school worker. These hours can range anywhere from 80 to 100 hours weekly with little pay. This can go on for a couple years as somebody establishes a place in their law firm.

Climbing up the corporate ladder is essential to be getting the shorter hours that come with being a partner or go to person at a law firm. Unlike the careers listed above, the hours drop immensely after you have made a name for yourself at a firm. The long hours pay off with some of the highest salaries in the country for the top lawyers in their respective fields.

As you can see, there is always somebody working long hours. These careers have long hours but also incorporated large pay scales for these fields. Putting in the grunt work of attaining an education is first and foremost of the grunt to even being considered for these jobs. If you have a great work ethic and can see the long-term goal ahead of you, one of these careers is definitely for you. If you want money quickly with short hours though, I would look elsewhere as far as it goes for careers.

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