A $54,000 Tax Refund For Adopting Children? Yes!

I loved this story so much that I just had to share it with you.

Imagine sitting in your tax preparer’s office as you do every year waiting to hear how much you might owe, or, if you were lucky enough, how much of a tax refund you would be getting back.  Now image hearing that not only would you be getting a refund, but you would get more money than you even earned in a year?  Not just a little but, but $54,000!  That’s exactly what has happened to a loving couple who opened their home to foster children who they later adopted.

The Ward family already had a blended family of six children but decided that they wanted to offer a loving home to foster children in need.  Over the past few years they have opened their doors to a number of children in need but could not help adopting six of the children that they had helped.  This couple is not rich by any means amd acted out of love for their children.

Now imagine having your tax preparer tell you to go home because they needed to verify the number that the tax software spat out at them.  Picture yourself coming back another time to find out that because you had adopted children out of the foster care system, you were eligible for a tax refund for each of the children that you had adopted.

I love this story because these children were adopted out of love and not for the money – but the money was a welcomed windfall.  Check out the story of the Ward family below.

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