100 Most Value Global Brands 2011

And the spending continues! Apple keeps cranking out enough updates to keep the buying public interested, helping it to rank #1 as the most valuable global brand in 2011. Apple actually displaced the Goliath Google by increasing their brand value by a whopping 84% in just one year. Ka-ching for Apple.

Proving that no matter how healthy we think we are McDonald’s, Coca Cola, and Marlboro posted gains to ranked in the top 10 of the list. We can pay lip service to health, but I guess the numbers don’t lie.

The rise of China is evident with China Mobile (#9) beating Walmart (#15) the world’s largest chain, and China Construction Bank (#24), Baidu (#29), China Life (#33), Bank of China (#37), Mercantile Bank of China (#43) all ranking in the top 50. It is time to think of purchasing some Chinese stock?

View the entire list of 100 most valuable global brands (PDF).

Source: Brand Z

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