2010 Goal Setting

Now that we’ve reviewed a little of 2009 it’s time to begin looking forward. I know that there are many things that I can count on. I am counting on some unseen setbacks in the form of the following:

Car mishaps
Medical disasters
Shit happens

Like any true disaster readiness program, a serious plan has to be made. Last year I wanted to learn about debt and making some extra money on the side, and this year I think that I need to implement everything that I have learned. I don’t look at these things as resolutions. Here’s my checklist:

  1. Get to work on time and leave on time so that I have some time to myself
  2. Turn off the damn Blackberry
  3. Use extra time to make extra money
  4. Use the extra money to build emergency fund
  5. After emergency fund gets to at least $1,000, invest $25 per month into Prosper
  6. Concentrate on pay off all bills except the big Stud (student loans) and Mama HELOC
  7. Get a tax refund? Put half to emergency fund and half to paying off a bill
  8. After paying off one bill, put half of that bill’s minimum payment to emergency fund each pay period
  9. Look at ways to build my skills to position myself for a better, ah, position?
  10. Take fat ass to the gym
  11. Visit Grandma. Sounds simple but it’s a whole different country and I can’t see paying for a vacation

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