A Bill Balance Reaches Ground Zero

I just hit the submit button to make the final payment on my personal loan. Somehow I am sitting here expecting something, somewhere in the cosmos to go wrong. Now to refresh your memory this is the loan that I had on Prosper to pay for a Bowflex. Please, don’t write me, I already know. Anyway so the loan was for a 3 year term and here I am 9 months later and it’s paid off.

I don’t think that I’ve paid anything off knowing that it’s totally gone in a long time. It’s actually a bit of a scary feeling and I wish I knew why. You’d thing that I’d be dancing up storm or at least toasting my small success but I can’t even do that! It all actually seem surreal – kind of like that I’m not sure that it really happened.

Something does come to mind though. I shouldn’t be blocking positive thoughts on my success. Some people would say, “don’t block the blessing.” For some people it’s easy to bask in the glow of someone else’s accomplishments but they have a hard time acknowledging their own achievements. I’m a little surprised to find that I am one of those people. NOTE TO SELF: Be more positive and smile a little.

P.S. I owe myself a stiff beverage in toast to my own minor success.

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