Americans Are Unprepared for College

I’m constantly writing about education leading some of you to wonder why, especially since this is a debt and frugality blog.  I firmly believe in educating oneself to the best of your abilities, whether that includes traditional school or through self-taught methods.  Your education – or lack thereof – has a serious ability to impact your earning power.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average weekly income for someone with a high school diploma was $638, compared to $1,053 for someone with a Bachelor’s degree.

As you have already heard countless times, Americans are falling behind other industrialized nations with regards to education.  How badly are we doing?  Well, according to the infographic below, 1 in 4 American college freshmen do not complete their first year of school.

As the world becomes smaller through the development of technology, how can we expect to compete with countries churning out highly educated and motivated young adults in the global job market?  If you have a kid at home, this infographic is for you.


American Unprepared for College

Source: College@Home

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12 thoughts on “Americans Are Unprepared for College

  • It’s nice to see Canada is #1 =)
    Although… Bachelors degrees are “a dime a dozen” in Canada now – and if you want to be a step up from others, you need at least a Masters, if not a PhD.

  • I’m always a sucker for a good infographic and this one was great! Education is super crucial for doing better. I am right there with you. While @Julie might have a point about 4 year degrees being common – they are still the barrier to entry. Deciding what you do after college can help specialize you and make you that much more desirable which is definitely something I considered when I went to grad school.

  • Those are some shocking statistics that you shared. I definitely believe that college freshman are still learning high material, that has always been that way. Thanks for the infographic.

  • I’m personally starting college in August and I am very excited and very sad to see these numbers. I’m going into either math or science, so it was chilling to see how those numbers stacked up. I personally go to one of the top public schools in my state, and I have been in college prep classes since junior high and I’m in all AP classes, so I am personally not worried, but I feel bad for my friends who aren’t as prepared as myself. College is so expensive, but it pays off!

  • Really interesting infographic, I am interested to see where the UK come on the 1st year completion rate, I thought it was one of the higher ones. Also the cost of remedial degrees is an outrage, surely degrees should be getting harder and harder to ensure a more qualified workforce?

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