Billionaires Can Be Frugal Too

The very wealthy can also be pretty frugal as well. If the photo of Mitt Romney shopping at Costco doesn’t get your juices flowing, this just might. Here are three billionaires who hold on to their pennies by being frugal.

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2 thoughts on “Billionaires Can Be Frugal Too

  • Rememebr the millionaire next door syndrome. There are lots of very rich people who seemingly live very ordinary lives. My wife’s cousin was very rich. He lived n Fifth Avenue in New York City. The same building as Jackie Kennedy. He had a number of businesses and his inner circle were famous designers (ie Yves Saint Laurent) yet he flew to Paris often (weekly) coach. In those days you could take the Concorde and he never did. He was very frugal.

  • When I’m a billionaire, I’ll still live in my modest house, cut my own hair and by suits off the rack at Costco đŸ˜‰

    Seriously, though, being frugal in some respects just makes sense — it helps keep people grounded.

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