How to Go Green in Big Ways Without Breaking the Bank

It’s not easy going green. It’s usually pretty expensive. Most efforts at making your home energy efficient and therefore making money savings possible require big investments. But there are a few ways you can cut down on your energy bill as well as alter it a little bit that allow you to take big measures in energy efficiency without spending a lot of money or time doing it.

Unplug Chargers Not Being Used
This is the simplest so I’ll mention it first. Phone, laptop and other electronic device chargers continue to use energy when they’re plugged in no matter if they’re charging something or not. Countless amounts of energy is probably expelled needlessly in your home every month because of plugged-in chargers. That equates to serious dough lost over the course of a year. Make it a household habit to unplug chargers; it’s a money saver with no cost whatsoever.

Research “Green Options”

Most American electricity providers have a way for customers to make a percentage-based investment into renewable energies. Energy Plus Company, which services folks in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, currently offers a Green Option to customers that lets them “buy” federally-outlined renewable energy certificates every month that go into investing in renewable energy technology like windmills. It’s a nominal addition to your electric bill but is a invaluable investment in future energy needs.

Convert to Compact Fluorescents
This one takes a little bit of an initial investment but it’s not only necessary to some extent it’s overwhelmingly beneficial to your long-term energy costs and savings. It’s estimated that a CFL bulb will save you $40 over the course of its lifetime. Multiply that by the amount of bulb sockets you have in your house and you can see why it’s worth paying a few extra bucks up front.

Making your home more energy efficient doesn’t require a lot of monetary investment; it can be as simple as screwing in a light bulb or unplugging a cord. Don’t let big talk of big renovations and expensive technology overwhelm you to the point of inaction when there’s so much money to save and such inexpensive ways to make a difference. Who knows, maybe with the right combination of choices you can afford to re-insulate your home after all?

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6 thoughts on “How to Go Green in Big Ways Without Breaking the Bank

  • In Asia every outlet has an on-off switch. I wish this was there here as well. Having that switch is so convenient – you don’t have to manually unplug.

  • We’ve changed our light bulbs, get eco-friendly products, and try to conserve as much as we can. Sometimes going green is more about conserving than changing.

  • Being British, I love my cups of tea. A super simple way of saving energy (and money) is to fill up your kettle only with the amount of water that you need. Now this mind seem ridiculous but how many of us are guilty of filling the kettle right the way to the top just to make one cup of coffee/tea?

    Another easy one is turn lights off when you leave a room.

  • As discussed in above comments, all green initiatives do not require huge investments in fact only small policy changes like switch off the lights, discuss thermostat settings in your home, use dishwasher only when necessary, make sure your recycle, reduce use of paper. I think it is important to highlight that going green is not expensive. There is plenty you can do before you reach the point of changing to CFLs etc..

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