Important Financial Resolutions for the New Year

Do you swear that you’ll improve your finances every year but end the year in a worse financial position? The video below will provide you some guidance on not only which financial resolutions to make, but some simple strategies for keeping those resolutions are also discussed.

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3 thoughts on “Important Financial Resolutions for the New Year

  • Great tips! I love the zero consumer debt, emergency reserve fund, and tracking expenses. My general financial resolution for this year is to increase our earnings and savings. Specifically, that means additional sources of income in the form of stocks, business, and online marketing.

  • This article helped me to rethink my financial status and helped me to prioritize my finances. This is a very informative post Sandy!

  • I already had set my new year resolution and draft a plan as well to fulfill it before the end of the December 2013. I decided to change the way to fulfill my GOAL (New year resolution for whole year). As suggested ideas are much better than the way I decided.

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