Infographic: 10 Best Selling Products In The World

The Christmas buying season might just about be over, but we’re not flocking to stores to throw money at the sales people just around the holidays. I have an interesting infographic showing the 10 best selling products in the the world. I was somewhat surprised to see that books and a certain low tech puzzle toy both made the list!

Do you every buy any of these 10 best selling products in the world? I know that my small addiction to a particular beverage helped to put it on top!


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1 thought on “Infographic: 10 Best Selling Products In The World

  • I just came through the holiday season without setting foot in a store–other than a grocery store. Using my trusty laptop I was able to order what I needed and have it delivered directly to the receipents home. Totally useful (aka food) gifts that arrived in plenty of time to enjoy the holiday.

    This year some on my lists started a family so I went from individual gifts to one check with a note encouraging them to make a memory instead of buying stuff.

    I enjoyed the season with lots of festivities and no stress. There is an alternative to buying stuff–and you’ll find tha when you let go off stuff, you’re life becomes full.

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