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There are literally thousands and thousands of iPhone apps available which cover a huge range of tastes and requirements. They vary from jokes, games and social networking availability through to serious business applications enabling trade on the Stock Exchange and a virtual office.

Somewhere in the middle are potentially hundreds of very useful money saving apps which are suitable for everyone. Some are offered free of charge but others, although chargeable, will offer savings far above the initial cost of the app or the annual subscription fee.

Money, or lack of it, is currently foremost in a lot of people’s minds in the current financial climate. If a simple low-cost app on an iPhone can make major savings, albeit in terms of time or money, it is surely worthy of consideration. Any money that is saved using these apps can then be made to work for you in the savings product of your choice.

As I’m based in the UK, the apps I have mentioned in this article are UK based, however I’m sure that there are equivalent apps in the US.

  • A good example of a money saving app is ‘Petrol Prices Pro’ which costs a nominal £2.99 per year. Not only does this app direct the user (from their current position) to a fuel station, it will find the cheapest one available, in a given radius and it will also display it on a map and give directions to it.
  • Vouchers apps are becoming very popular with shoppers, and one example is the vouchers app. Voucher apps offer discounts and deals available in popular high street stores and they sometimes offer fantastic exclusive offers not available anywhere else
  • Offered entirely free of charge is ‘Rebtel’. If you need to make International calls from a mobile whether in the UK or when travelling abroad, this app will assign the user a local number that acts as an alias for their ‘real’ one. The user can then make savings by only being charged local call rates (plus a very small charge per minute) depending on the country concerned.
  • Suitable for everyone is ‘Meter Read.’ Meter readings entered at regular intervals from either gas, electricity or water meters can be graphically displayed showing usage. Furthermore, tariffs entered from up to three competitors can be instantly compared and the app will advise if the user can save money by switching supplier.  This app is currently offered at a nominal £0.59.
  • An invaluable app for self-employed or freelance workers is ‘Timewerks’, available at £5.99. This is a time tracking and invoicing app aimed at anyone that needs to keep track of working time and use of materials. It details the names and email addresses of clients and how much a project will cost and then creates an invoice ready to send to them.
  • For the average couple, both working, time equals money. An interesting app, available from Tesco, free of charge, is ‘Tesco Finder’. This app enables the user to find any item that Tesco stocks, in any store in the UK. Not only that, in any given store it will pinpoint the exact shelf and aisle location of the product, equaling huge time savings, especially in an out of area shop.

There is no doubt that iPhone apps can equal savings. Whatever the user’s situation; family, single, couple or professional, they are available at very little cost when compared to the potential savings that can be made by using them.

This article was written by the awesome folks at the UK based company, Visit them for savings on everything from insurance to travel.

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1 thought on “Money Saving iPhone Apps

  • These are some good apps. I will have to look up what we have here available in the US. I would especially like to see one related to gas prices and tracking spending. Tracking mileage would be useful as well for business related travel.

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