Retirement savings - Retirement Planning

Take the Stress Out of Retirement Planning

If you’re not good at saving money, saving for your retirement can be stressful and overwhelming. But don’t let the pressure get you down. There are several tips and tools to help you prepare for your retirement years. Knowing your retirement options can put you on the right path, as can a retirement savings calculator, by which you can estimate the future value of your retirement savings. […]

Refinancing - Should You Pay Off Your Mortgages Or Invest In 401(K)?

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Or Invest In Your 401(K)?

We’re talking about mortgages again. I promise you that I am not beating a dead horse but since this is the most expensive thing that most of us will every pay for, and since so many people are defaulting, I can’t help but covering this topic from many different angles.

I wrote a post called, 30 Year Mortgages Are For Suckers which ruffled a bit of feathers. Some of you agreed and some disagreed, but I want to back my argument up with the viewpoints of some financial gurus as well.

which way - Reader Advice: Pia 401K or Debt?

Reader Advice: Pia 401K or Debt?

Free Money Finance has a fabulous help a reader section where he posts questions that his readers has asked him and allows his reading audience to weight in. When Pia left a detailed comment on a post and wanted some advice on what to do with her financial situation, I thought, why not open it up to everyone since lots of people have money problems? Pia agreed, and below is her story. Be nice and civil everyone. Remember, this is a real person with a real problem in real life.