Annuity Worth

Is Getting Cash For Your Annuity Worth It?

An annuity can be an integral part of your financial planning. This type of investment can help meet your retirement goals by providing a steady income source. An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company. You make a lump sump payment or a series of payments over a specific amount of time, and the insurance company agrees to make payments to you at a future date. Obtaining an annuity is one way to prepare for future expenses, and an annuity combined with a pension and other retirement savings can provide a comfortable lifestyle in your later years.

However, financial situations can change rapidly over the years. And depending on your current financial situation, you may need to sell your annuity and take a cash payment. Selling your annuity may sound silly because you lose a percentage of your money. But if you have an immediate need for cash, it pays to obtain structured settlement quotes from companies that buy annuities.  […]