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August 1 Check In

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Happy August.

I love Summer, don’t you?  By the time we hit the middle of August it occurs to me that Summer is quickly running away not be be seen for another year.  Usually, I’m too busy to take the time to really enjoy the summer.  Heck, I haven’t done that since I was about 14.  This year, some 20 years later, I’ve thoroughly been enjoying my summer off.

I say that I’ve had my summer off, but I’ve been working for myself, building a new business.  I know that I keep mentioning it every month, but it’s been a big part of my time off.  In the meanwhile, I’m still paying down my debt.  Let’s get right to it. […]

August 1 Check In

With all of the car accident things to take care of, I didn’t even realize that the new month had crept up on me. Oh well, time to see how this debt things is going. Oh yes, for those of you new to this whole train wreck, the whole point of this blog is to see how I get out of debt. I’m slowly working it down and sharing everything that I’m doing along the way.

Before I get to the numbers, I have to say that crap happens. This whole car fiasco is going to add to the debt and I was totally not prepared for it. My car was paid for and I did not plan on making any kind of automobile purchase for at least another 3-4 years. People have been telling me to sue the pants of the other driver, but really, I just need my medical bills paid and my car back, and my insurance will cover that. Unfortunately, just because someone decides to text and drive then smash into you, you’re are not automatically entitled to extra money. […]

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August 1 Debt Check In

August 1 and I am feeling majorly burnt out.  It’s not that it’s the middle of summer and I’m pining for a trip to the beach, it’s because I’ve had very little sleep for the past month.  I’ve spent the last month at work and on the weekends, renovating my rental home 2 states away.  It’s draining but it might be coming to an end soon.  At the point I will finally be able to get some very much needed and deserved sleep!  But you’re here to see how I’m doing with my debt aren’t you? No excuses this month. […]