On Death & 100 Things To Do Before I Die

Hi guys.  I know that this blog is about personal finance and getting out of debt, but this is also a personal blog…my blog, and my journey through life.  I firmly believe in teaching through stories and laughter.  If you’ve followed this blog for more than a month or so, you have probably realized that my writing style is a bit light-hearted with a lesson tossed in there somewhere for good measure.  But, life isn’t always fun and light-hearted, so this blog will occasionally reflect that too.

I struggle quite a bit with just how much personal information to include here, especially since I share the stories of the people in my life. I share these stories so that we can all hopefully learn something and improve on our own lives.

One of my cousins passed away on Sunday after a battle with cancer.  At barely 33 years old, she is the first of my generation to die.  Realizing how ephemeral life can be is very sobering, especially when you consider yourself to be young. […]

Salon - Bucket List Item Complete: Cut Hair Very Short

Bucket List Item Complete: Cut Hair Very Short

I’m slowly crossing things off my bucket list. This time I cut my hair off. ow can I best describe this? Something of a cross between Pink, Rihanna, Ellen and Halle Berry. I guess that might be a little confusing. Basically one side is pretty much almost shaved and the other side is long enough to have my hair be professional looking in the day.