Coming Clean

I share a lot of my life on this blog, and I’m always a little cautious about just how far I should go. I know that people that know me personally read my blog, so I try to be not too offensive and leave some of the most personal details of my life out, but I realized that doing this has caused a roadblock for the content of this blog.

Something happened about 3 weeks ago that has totally consumed my life, and I’ve been trying hard to not write about it, but by doing so, I haven’t been able to write with my usual passion and fervor, and you’ve noticed. For that, I apologize. So, it’s time to come clean. What’s the road block in my life? I’ve been sued for some debt I owe.

Some of you are not sitting there thinking, well that’s not bad. You might have been there and done that, but I’ve never been sued in my life. I pride myself on struggling through the whole debt thing and paying things down, but this one blindsided me. […]