Do-It-Yourself Negotiation of Credit Card Debt?

Do-It-Yourself Negotiation of Credit Card Debt?

On a somewhat regular basis, posters on my forum ask questions like “Company XYZ will negotiate my settlement for 15% of my current debt, is this a good price?” or “The debt settlement company is non-profit so they must be legit, right?” The answer is a big fat “NO!” for both. The truth of the matter is that with a bit of research, debt negotiation is something you can do on your own without paying a dime. […]

Debt Consolidation companies

My Debt Consolidation Experience and Rules

Did I ever tell you guys that I had previously paid off over $20K in debt way back in my early 20’s? No? Well that’s another story for me to put up here some day, but that experience taught me loads about debt consolidation services. If you find yourself in debt and are considering a debt consolidation or their services, please read this article before picking up the phone. […]