Net Worth - A Little Motivation For You

A Little Motivation For You

I had a totally different article scheduled for today, but I had an epiphany this morning in the shower, and this I what came out of it.  I want to talk to you a little bit about motivation, the journey that I am on and the path that you are walking with me (hopefully).

We’ve talked a little bit about motivation before, but I find that as time goes by what motivates me evolves as I do.  I would say the primary factor that motivated me was fear of being poor in my older age.  I wrote a little bit about that in a guest post that Beating Broke was kind enough to publish for me.  I also wrote a little bit about growing up poor that inspired others to come out of the closet, to speak, and share their own stories. […]

Oprah Effect

The Oprah Effect

Today is the final broadcast of the Oprah Winfrey show. I’m not a regular Oprah viewer, but if something big happens (Tom Cruise’s mental breakdown couch surfing episode comes to mind) I’ll tune in during one of the re-runs. Last night I watched part 2 of the star-studded farewell tribute and thought about the influence that one woman has had on many lives and the  effect that she has had on my own life.