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November 1 Check In

Hi everyone!  It’s November already which means that it’s time to review my finances.  Before I get to the numbers and the gore-filled details of my debt, I would be remiss if I did not mention everything that has transpired in my awesome city for the past week or so.

As hurricane Sandy (catchy name) bore down on New York City, we hoped that all would be well. By now, you already know that close to 100 people have died from Sandy and thousands have lost their homes and possessions.  As I write, people are still sitting in the dark without electricity and heat.  Thousands of people are effectively homeless as the coldest part of the year begins. […]

November 1 Debt Check In

November 1 Debt Check In

Happy official Fall everyone.  We had a Nor’easter over the weekend that took us directly from Summer into Winter.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  Seriously, the weather was 60 degrees and then suddenly it was snowing.   The weather then popped right back up to the mid 50’s!  Did I mention that it’s November in New York City? Global warming is scary!

Lots of developments happened in October.  First we’ll go right to the numbers and then we’ll come back to a few developments. […]