how to Make money per Tweet On Twitter?

Why I Make $20 Per Tweet On Twitter And You Don’t

As some of you know, I attended the very first ever Financial Blogger Conference in Chicago over the October 1 weekend.  It was great to be around some like-minded people to share ideas, learn some best practices, and knock back a few cold beverages.  In one particular session about making money online, I asked the presenter about the potential for making money on Twitter since she had not really mentioned its ability to add some serious cash into your pockets.  When I mentioned that I was making close to $25 per Tweet, I felt the heads of everyone in the room whip around to see who was make that comment. […]

Can't Make Money On Twitter? Think Charlie Sheen!

Can’t Make Money On Twitter? Think Charlie Sheen!

I know what you’re thinking, not another article on Charlie Sheen.  This isn’t an article on Charlie Sheen.  Well not really anyway.  It’s about the massive power of the internet and Twitter.  What’s a personal finance blog doing talking about Twitter?   The potential for making lots of money of course! […]