Why I Make $20 Per Tweet On Twitter And You Don’t

As some of you know, I attended the very first ever Financial Blogger Conference in Chicago over the October 1 weekend.  It was great to be around some like-minded people to share ideas, learn some best practices, and knock back a few cold beverages.  In one particular session about making money online, I asked the presenter about the potential for making money on Twitter since she had not really mentioned its ability to add some serious cash into your pockets.  When I mentioned that I was making close to $25 per Tweet, I felt the heads of everyone in the room whip around to see who was make that comment.

Ahh, I’m on to something, I thought.  They obviously haven’t been reading my blog because I know that I have already covered making money on Twitter, but since I was swarmed after the session by people wanting to know how they too could make money on Twitter, I don’t see why we can’t cover it again.  But first, I know that you want proof, so here it is.

sponsored tweets screen shot

Believe me now?


Tada! That says $19.76. See?  I was telling the truth.  I actually do make $20 per Tweet on Sponsored Tweets. Okay, it’s not exactly $20 today since the price fluctuates up and down but it’s close enough.  Now you’ll want to know how I did it and how you too can make as much as I do on Twitter.

It’s really pretty simple.  You have to be an expert in your area.  Well, Twitter has to think so anyway.  It doesn’t really matter how many followers you have.  What does matter is how engaged you are with your followers, how much they retweet you, the conversations that you have on Twitter and consistency in the topic that you speak about.  In other words, you have to have some decent Klout.  If you Tweet you should be familiar with Klout as well. If not, sign up and check out your Klout score.

The whole point about Twitter is not just that you push things out to your followers.  You should be having short but meaningful conversations with them. This isn’t MySpace.  There is no race to see how many followers you can get.  At the same time, you might want to weed out who YOU choose to follow.  You see, when you follow people and others follow you on Twitter, you’ve created a network.  The responsiveness and influence of your network counts as a part of your Klout score.  Because of this I do not automatically follow back anyone who follows me. I do this because I want to be sure that the people who I follow are all specifically personal finance writers or work within the personal finance area because that is my subject area.  In fact, I’ve been going back through my list and purging people who have not posted on Twitter in some time.

But all of this doesn’t matter if you don’t sign up for Sponsored Tweets.  They essentially act as your broker and take a 50% cut of your earnings.  So, even though I am making almost $20 per tweet today, they also take home almost $20.  You can always put a per Tweet price that is higher than their suggested price if you have a target in mind.  I also suggest that you check your suggested price often because it changes pretty often, sometimes on a daily basis.  Even if you don’t like Tweeting for cash, you do get 10% of an accepted Tweeter’s money who signs up with your referral link (sign up!).  How’s that for ultra passive income?

You can also increase your Klout score by attaching your other social media microsites (Facebook and the like) to your Klout profile. Lastly, if you’re really popular, you can ask your Twitter friends to sign up for Klout and give you a +1 rating in each of the categories that you would like to rank highly for.

Let me sum it up for you, STEP YOUR GAME UP!

And that my dears, is how I am making close to $20 per Tweet, and you’re not.


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32 thoughts on “Why I Make $20 Per Tweet On Twitter And You Don’t

  • I wasn’t at FinCon but have been following the after buzz closely. Thanks for the great information. Now I have two questions:

    1) How often do you tweet sponsored posts and do you label them as sponsored so your followers are aware?

    2) I just saw on twitter that you said you were thinking about quitting before FinCon? Is that true? Sounds like you are making decent money at it, so it must have been some other reason – care to share?

    • I do a sponsored Tweet maybe once or twice per month. That’s it! I don’t believe in spamming. The Tweets have to be labeled as ads, so they either have one of the following:
      1. #ad
      2. #sponsored
      3. brought to you by
      4. sponsored by
      5. I’ve partnered with

      I did think of quitting because everything got to be so overwhelming for me with this blog. It takes a LOT of hard work to make a blog successful, especially with some of the research based articles that I write. While I like writing, the pressure became too much for me. But, I’m pumped now!

      • I agree, the work is never-ending. It does pay off but sometimes you wonder why you’re sacrificing a good part of your free time and stressing yourself out about it.

        I’m glad you’ve been revitalized and are ready to keep going!

  • Interesting, though I wonder how much backlash you could get from people that would stop following you (thus disengaging with you and lowering your ‘impact’) if they perceive you as selling out or pushing advertising where they might not want it. I checked and my score was less than a buck so I obviously have a long way to go!

    • I never SPAM my followers. I might accept at most 2 per month. They are always labeled and ONLY things that I would endorse. The beauty is that YOU have 100% control over what you Tweet. And the maximum that you can Tweet each specific ad is 3 times in one month. Think of how fast your timeline goes by. You hardly notice it.

  • Thanks Sandy! I have tried out Sponsored Tweets and MyLikes and have received dimes and nickels as opposed to dollars, but I’ll keep giving it a try. By the way, now that I’ve met you, I read this entire post in your voice haha. It was so great connecting.

    • It takes a little time sometimes if your Klout is low or you don’t tweet much or if you don’t seem to always cover the same topic. Evan, from My Journey to Millions just signed up today and was quote $15 per tweet! Work at it!

      And yes, this entire blog is written just like I speak in person. Horrible, isn’t it?

  • When I heard you say that at FinCon, I was shocked. SHOCKED, I say. I figured you had to have numbers in the tens of thousands to be getting that kind of money. I was really surprised to see our numbers aren’t all that far off. But I only make $1.50 per tweet. I’m going to increase that a bit more and see what comes to me. I don’t want to tweet more than once a day but I’d love to make a bit more. I always turn down tweets that do not fit with who I am and what I talk about.

  • Very interesting information of which I was really unaware. I have bookmarked this page and may someday really want to engage with Twitter. Right now I am working on developing the blog itself first.

  • When we talked about this at FINCON, it followed the reality that earlier in the day I too was one of the people whose eyes lit up when hearing you talk about $25 tweets!

    I have a bit over 700 followers on Twitter, so I’m pretty average in that regard right now. At some point, maybe I’ll be looking to check this out. Hard to turn down that cash for a tweet, just 2 simple ones equals $50/month…$600/year..you get the idea:)

    • Ray, the number of followers doesn’t matter. Just sign up, enter the same keywords that shows up for your Klout and see how much they quote you. Won’t kill you and you don’t have to tweet.

    • Advertisers that would like to each you audience contact you through Sponsored Tweets to send a tweet. You can only tweet for sponsors that would like to do deals with you, so the odds are that you won’t have a potential advertisers every day at $20 per tweet. if you lowered your price to $2 or $1.50 then you would have more advertisers, but why tweet 10 different deals to make $20 when you can tweet one deal for the same amount? I prefer higher price and lower amount of tweets.

      • Ah, that makes sense now… Thanks for explaining this. I guess you need a lot of followers to be able to raise the price to $20 per tweet. I have a long way to go since I just created a tweeter account.

  • I have been contemplating trying sponsored tweets but have been worried about said backlash from my followers. I will try it and watch what happens to my followers. Hopefully if it’s not done all the time they wouldn’t be too mad.

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