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Saving Money In Las Vegas

Because I come from cold, cold, Canada, I like to go down somewhere at least once a winter that’s warm. From Alberta, the cheapest way to do this is flying down to Las Vegas, which is just a short 3 hour flight. Sin City obviously features all the glittering casinos, but they’ve diversified their offerings to appeal to the non-gambler as well. The buffets are legendary, the shows feature familiar names, and each different casino has a somewhat unique idea of what will attract visitors. Vegas still offers plenty of adult entertainment, but it’s very possible to have a good time without breaking the bank at a gambling table.

Considering how I just came back from a trip there, I figured I’d give you guys some tips on how to save money on your next trip. I’d recommend not using your savings to increase your gambling budget, since gambling is for suckers. Which brings me to tip number 1:

Don’t Gamble […]