Why You Should Invest and Not Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

I’m woman enough to show you the flip side of the coin in our ongoing discussions on whether to pay off your mortgage early by adding extra payments or to invest that money instead. By now you have got to be tired of reading everything that I have to say on the subject, so I combed the interwebs on your behalf and found this awesome video making the case to invest and to not pay down your mortgage.

This is a great video, but I’m still not changing my mind though.

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1 thought on “Why You Should Invest and Not Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

  • My mind isn’t changed either. No matter how you slice the numbers, stock market investing does not give a guaranteed rate of return.

    If you want to compare apples to apples you should be comparing paying down your mortgage vs CD or Mutual Fund returns.

    The only tricky part is if you build a ton of equity in your house and then can’t meet your payments, you are at risk of losing all your equity in foreclosure.

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