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Get A New iPhone? Heck No!

Every Fall a strange phenomenon happens within the U.S; hordes of people with money to burn line up outside of their local Apple store days ahead of a potential announcement to be the first in line to toss money at a “genius” before scurrying off with the latest gadget.  This year my friends, the latest […]

whatchu talkin bout willis

Don’t Invest In Yourself Until You’re Debt Free

I’m a bit of a social media junkie.  That is to say, my Twitter feed is more alive and buzzing than a bee hive.  My Twitter feed is completely devoted to personal finance so that I can keep on top of new developments within the industry and bring you the latest information possible. I also […]

do it yourself

3 Simple DIY Projects That Will Save You Money

You might hear the words, “Do it yourself” and the butterflies in your stomach awaken (and bounce around for a while). I admit that there are quite a few stories out there where a DIY project has gone terribly wrong and may have even cost the homeowner more (after something has exploded) to eventually get […]


My Carpets are Ruined! Will My Homeowners Insurance Replace Them?

When many people think of a home insurance claim, they think of major damage, such as storm damage, fires, floods, and other potentially catastrophic events. The idea of homeowners insurance in most people’s minds is to protect you and your family from damage so extensive that you’d never be able to afford fixing it on […]


8 Possible Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

Nowadays, just about everyone needs a job.  This is especially important if you’re looking for a higher salary to pay off debt and improve your credit.  No matter what’s going on in your life, being employed can help you reach many financial goals. If, however, you’re currently unemployed or looking for a new job, you […]

Dollar tree

Growing My Dough: 6 Months In

I love these update posts.  Six months ago I joined a challenge created by Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents along with with like-minded personal finance writers who wanted to see how a $1,000 investment would pay off at the end of the year.  The goals were pretty simple: Show you how easy it is to […]

My Ring

July 1 Debt Check…And Other Stuff

I’m 14 days overdue, but with good reason. I wanted to wait a bit to share some news with you in this post instead of making a whole separate post about it later. Let’s see.  We’re deep into July and heading towards August at full speed.  It’s been a wonderful summer so far, much like […]

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Want To Help Someone? Let Them Fail

Splat! That’s the sound of some people who I know falling flat on their faces.  It’s also the sound of a lesson learned the hard way.  And, in some ways, it’s the sound of a fair bit of guilt, but that too shall pass. I’ve been sharing the stories of friends and family on this […]