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Credit Repair Services Can Be Scams

Here from the Wall Street Journal? Check out my story on why I don’t buy Christmas gifts. cYou’ve seen and heard the advertisements just about everywhere: “We can fix your credit – guaranteed!” “We erase bad debt, liens, judgement from your report forever.” Ads for credit repair services appear frequently online, in print and on television.  They […]

Happy Senior Couple

Top 5 Reasons Why Baby Boomers Are Screwed

At 56 my mom is smack dab in the middle of the Baby Boomer generation.  For some reason, she still thinks that she’s pretty young and hip.  Her new obsession has become the weekly sales at Macy’s. I’ve tried hard to tell her that she’s getting old and needs to begin preparing for retirement, but, she somehow thinks that […]

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October 1 Debt Check

I’m struggling. Financially, no.  I’m struggling with the direction of this blog both from a perspective of where it is and where I want it to go.  Every month for the past five plus years I have filled you in on how I was doing financially.  For the past two months I have not done […]

thift shopping

Thriving on Thrifting!

The following is a guest post from Crystal Stemberger over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.  Her daily posts cover her expenses, savings, and what she spends on the fun stuff in between. If you are a reader here, I assume you appreciate “cheap”…at least once in a while.  I am a HUGE believer that […]

cheap versus frugal

Cheap? Frugal? Why Is There Even A Debate?

With a blog called Yes, I Am Cheap, you can bet that I get a fair bit of e-mails comparing cheap and frugal.  I’ve been asked many times if frugal is better than cheap and I’ve answered this question the same way every single time – there is no difference.  It’s what I told Harvard […]

no apple

Get A New iPhone? Heck No!

Every Fall a strange phenomenon happens within the U.S; hordes of people with money to burn line up outside of their local Apple store days ahead of a potential announcement to be the first in line to toss money at a “genius” before scurrying off with the latest gadget.  This year my friends, the latest […]

whatchu talkin bout willis

Don’t Invest In Yourself Until You’re Debt Free

I’m a bit of a social media junkie.  That is to say, my Twitter feed is more alive and buzzing than a bee hive.  My Twitter feed is completely devoted to personal finance so that I can keep on top of new developments within the industry and bring you the latest information possible. I also […]