I Make Money Online: Building Niche Sites

Here from the Wall Street Journal? Check out my story on why I don’t buy Christmas gifts. cIt’s time to share with you another way that I’m making some extra money online.  I love this series because it shows that no matter your situation, if you have some skill or interest in a particular topic, […]


Finance 101: Understanding Your Flexible Savings Account (FSA)

If you’re still employed and your employer hasn’t dropped your healthcare program then your open enrollment period is about to begin. There is where you get to change your healthcare options. If your company offers a flexible sending account or an FSA this is also the time for you to select how much money you would like to contribute to that account for the next year. Last year I realized that many people didn’t understand how the whole flexible spending account thing worked and how it can benefit you.

zombie debt

Zombie Debt Is Popping Up Again

Last night the hubby and I were busy making dinner when the phone rang. Hubster picked up the phone and began talking. As I was busy stirring the peppers and onion for fajitas (olé!), I heard him confirming his date-of-birth and a red flag went off in my head like an explosion.


Hidden Costs Of Home Ownership

I am constantly reading articles about saving money.  I have seen many, many individuals talk about renting as just throwing away money that could go towards paying for the renter’s own house.  As a landlord, I might be slightly biased about renting, however, there are some significant hidden costs to home ownership that many people […]

can't knock the hustle

The Fiverr 60 Day Challenge: Challenge Accepted

Ladies and gentlemen, you know how much I love a challenge and how much I love side hustles.  I’ve been invited to take part in a side hustle challenge and absolutely could not resist. Have you heard of Fiverr? No? Well get ready to pull a crisp Lincoln out of your wallet because this site […]

dont worry be happy

Counting My Blessings

Every so often it’s great to take time out to pause and reflect on your progress.  Now that the wedding is all over and done with, it’s time for me to take stock of where I am, where I am going and how I’m getting there.  This time, I’m using a rap song called Blessings […]

Money Chat

MoneyChat The Book Q & A

I’m excited because Dorethia Conner Kelly, a fellow financial blogger, coach and friend, has released her new book by the name of… well… #MoneyChat THE BOOK, today! Dorethia runs the #MoneyChat conversation that takes place on Twitter every week.  This informative conversation always covers a wide variety of topics in personal finance, with practical information […]