Don't Take Balance Transfer Credit Cards at Face Value

Transferring the balance from one credit card to a lower interest rate card is a smart move, but watch out for any hidden fees in the process. First of all, consider your credit score. If you have proven to be a responsible consumer, applying for a balance transfer offer should be simple enough. If you […]

Woman sitting at a laptop and entering her credit card information into an online form

Do-It-Yourself Negotiation of Credit Card Debt?

On a somewhat regular basis, posters on my forum ask questions like “Company XYZ will negotiate my settlement for 15% of my current debt, is this a good price?” or “The debt settlement company is non-profit so they must be legit, right?” The answer is a big fat “NO!” for both. The truth of the […]


Is A Cheap Credit Card A Good Credit Card?

For consumers considering a credit card, there is a great variety of cards available on the market being offered and many of these are often enticingly advertised as being cheap. This raises the question for many consumers, who might be inundated with choice, as to whether a cheap card can really be a good card. […]


Credit Card – Debt Down But Not Out

The good news is that US credit card debt is at its lowest level since 2004.  The bad news is that this appears to have little to do with the fact that Americans are paying off their credit card balances and more to do with the fact that banks are writing them off as bad […]


Will Credit Card Debt Be Held Against You In A Court of Law?

This article was written by Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO and Founder of, a website that helps consumers trade gift cards and get the best credit card deals. When you think about debt collections, your mind probably jumps to ringing telephones, strangers on your doorstep and stress. And it’s true—debt collectors are typically quite persistent in […]


Credit Card Comes With 79.9% APR

Toni Riss had a credit card with a 79.9% interest rate. The 58-year-old woman from Texas thought she struck gold when she found the First Premier card, which is aimed specifically at consumers with poor credit. “I had an accident on a motorcycle, went through bankruptcy to pay for medical expenses and my credit went […]