Filling My Bucket List

Is 31 too young to have a bucket list? I’m not a morbid type of person but I came to the realization that a good portion of my life is gone and many things that I had hoped to do by now have passed me by. I don’t want to end up in floating on a cloud at the end of my life having remorse about the things that I have never done. So internet folks, I’m making a bucket list.

I’m going to leave this post as a sticky on top so you can see as I add things to it and if I get to accomplish anything. I’m not one for big things like climbing a mountain or anything but I feel a need to DO something with my life apart from being a wage slave and virtual life liver. If I have kids and they’re sitting around my death bed, I’d like to be able to look back and say, you know your mom did some crazy shit and had a damn good time! Now have a party instead of a funeral and don’t waste my insurance money.