Raising a Family on Less Than $600 a Month

My post called Don’t Have Kids if You Can’t Afford them has stirred up a little controversy.  I’ve been called everything from “bitter” to “elitist” and accused of class warfare on a couple of forums.  Not so.  There are millions of families that were perfectly comfortable before now experiencing extended unemployment and a reversal of fortune.  Unfortunately there are also plenty of people born into poverty that will continue that cycle.  I’ve spoken quite a bit about generational poverty and ending that cycle.  My contention with that article was to stop and think about where you are right now in your financial situation before making what is always a very emotional decision to have children.

Below is one story of a lady and her child living on $600 per month in New York City.  In her entire life, she has lived free from social services for only one year.  Her son seems like a very intelligent young man, however, the cycle continues.

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8 thoughts on “Raising a Family on Less Than $600 a Month

  • This is amazing. When I think about my own mother and how she turned the same situation around with three kids, I feel very fortunate that she broke the cycle. She put herself through college and landed a great job, but this is not how most of these stories go.

    • It isn’t and unfortunately I don’t think that many people know that. It’s hard to uplift yourself and a subsequent when you’re starting from zero. You have to be incredibly determined and willing to work hard to overcome your beginning.

      This lady’s parents lived as she did and now her son is living the same life. I hope that he gets encouraged enough to try to be a firefighter.

  • That saddens me. I am a single mommy and I don’t know how on earth I could survive on $600 a month. I make way more than that and don’t live on any assistance or anything.

  • It’s definitely difficult but people make it work. I wouldn’t intentionally bring a child into this world while we’re in this situation, but if it does happen, we’ll do whatever it takes.

  • The cycle seems very tough to break. If they can live off $600 a month… hopefully single people around America can figure out how to live off of $1,000/month.

    And then you see folks making $40,000 a year… and struggling. I donno… without debt, I think $40K/year is a solid life. Everything is relative.

  • I am a single Morher raising a two year old .We live off of 200 dollars a month after bills .We make it. I penny pinch ,scrimp ,and micromanaged what little spending money we do .I am resourceful our grocery bill is 63.00 every two weeks and yes we have everything we need.I don’t buy crap food either .I buy organic and freeze whatever leftovers we have .I make sure we have variety and yet a little extra should we need it .There are ways to work around what little money you do have and still provide adequate nutrition for your child and self .My freezer is full of homemade Mac and cheese split up into toddler sized servings and soups enough for myself . I freeze bread and milk .I freeze cheese in a vacuum sealed bag .I buy in bulk and on sale with coupons .As far as diapers go I buy in bulk as well as wipes.I sew and only buy new when absolutely necessary still my child has very nice clothes that last . Take care of what you do have and make it last .Quality of quantity.I do have Wic but I only use those if it’s absolutely necessary like in a bind . I don’t buy myself anything new unless it’s marked down the lowest it can possibility go. I use my dishwasher but once a week and if we aren’t going to be home the furnace is off.Small items are washed by hand and heavier ones washed together on a low setting for the washer .Less energy consumed better electric bill.My child is growing like a weed and nothing fits for more than 2 -3 months at a time .When you have friends with kids close in age it helps! Clothing can be recycled and reused ! It doesn’t have to be impossible if you’re on a lower budget .

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