The Rental All Renovated

It’s been some time since I updated everyone here on my rental property. I’ve been doing updates on My Tenant from Hell instead, but now that the house is all finished, you can see how I took my rental property from this…

Living Room Before - The Rental All Renovated

Living Room Before

…to this…

Living Room After

Living Room After

…with the help of just one other chick! Guys, watch out for us ladies.

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9 thoughts on “The Rental All Renovated

  • Girl I’m not a saint I just figured you needed someone in your corner who wasn’t going to flake on you, like kyle our bumbling handyman. I have to admit even through all the sore muscles I had fun, it was nice to see the house transform from the ugly duckling into the swan. It felt damn good to see everything done and clean. Stalk you later

  • I would like to comment about the real estae business whether its buying and selling homes fixing them up what have you. I do not have anything against real estate investing. But lets be clear this is a business just like if I own a used car lot a health food store a convenient store any variety of businesses. Each type of business has its own little little quirks of sorts real estate is no different. To many folks look upon real estate as an investment and that is why they fail to succeed in the real estate business’ when in fact it is clearly a business thats how one should look upon real estate. A good example of this is commercial real estate. When ever I drive around I see many almost empty or completely empty stripe shopping stripes. I don’t mean big box stores that are empty. I talking about a small commercial buildings that might house ten or at most fifthteen small mom and pop businesses along a major thoroughfare. I have seen dozens and dozens of partially or completly vacant stripe shopping stripes and I don’t live in detroit. I live in the suburbs of chicago and this is not something recent. I have seen this five ten fifthteen years ago so what does that tell you about investing in commercial real estate. Their must be many problems with these type of properties.

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