Filling My Bucket List

Is 31 too young to have a bucket list? I’m not a morbid type of person but I came to the realization that a good portion of my life is gone and many things that I had hoped to do by now have passed me by. I don’t want to end up in floating on a cloud at the end of my life having remorse about the things that I have never done. So internet folks, I’m making a bucket list.

I’m going to leave this post as a sticky on top so you can see as I add things to it and if I get to accomplish anything. I’m not one for big things like climbing a mountain or anything but I feel a need to DO something with my life apart from being a wage slave and virtual life liver. If I have kids and they’re sitting around my death bed, I’d like to be able to look back and say, you know your mom did some crazy shit and had a damn good time! Now have a party instead of a funeral and don’t waste my insurance money.

The Bucket List

  1. Learn to Swim
  2. Visit Europe
  3. Volunteer Somewhere for a Full Day
  4. Get A VERY Short Hair Cut (Again) Done 5/6/10
  5. Teach A Class
  6. Bank One Entire Paycheck
  7. Go to the Big Pig Jig
  8. Enter A Cooking Contest
  9. Walk Through A Jungle
  10. Visit Hong Kong
  11. Visit Tokyo
  12. Raise Chickens
  13. Cook Full Japanese Meal
  14. Be Debt Free
  15. Own Property Done 4/7/10
  16. Do A Random Act of Kindness
  17. Lose 30 pounds
  18. Own a Fabulous (snaps) Designer Dress
  19. Eat Indian Food In India
  20. Skinny Dip
  21. Finish the Newspaper Crossword in Pen with No Errors
  22. Dance the Samba in Brazil’s Carnival
  23. Get Promoted
  24. Take a Vacation by Myself
  25. Write A Book
  26. Go on a Helicopter Ride
  27. Take A Cruise
  28. Have the Title “Dr.” be it MD or PhD or an Honorary
  29. Participate In A Food Fight (La Tomatina maybe?)
  30. Be My Own Boss
  31. Get A Brazilian (just once!)
  32. Fly First Class
  33. Have An Accomplishment Publicly Recognized
  34. Own The Moment
  35. Win A Contest
  36. Give A Service Worker A $100 Tip
  37. Say “How Are You” and Mean It
  38. Take A Multi-State Road Trip by myself

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3 thoughts on “Filling My Bucket List

  • I wish i wrote a bucket list when I graduated highshchool… would have made life more interesting I think. But any age is good — I have a bucket list in my head, but will probably not start on it for a few more years. Right now, trying to establish myself professionally and financially — then on to fun!

    • Why wait? I realized that so many of us WAIT to start life and i did the same in my 20’s. You’re already living it. Start now! You might check one thing off every year but it’s something.

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