Getting A Handle on My Finances

I’ve been bad. I haven’t been paying close attention to my finances this month. There’s so much going on at work and I’m dying from sleep deprivation so I haven’t been paying attention and totally forgot about the student loan people. Result? My checking account is now -$107. How the heck do I start the year out with a negative account balance?

sad -Getting A Handle on My FinancesWell, to be honest I’ve used some money to fund my growing eBay business and it takes money to make money. Unfortunately when you don’t have much of it you tend to miss the little that you do have. Add to that the fact that I have been BUYING my lunch lately (gasp) and sometimes dinner too since I’ve been leaving work at around 8:30 and it all adds up, well doesn’t add up to anything but an account with a negative balance.

Thankfully pay day is tomorrow so my account will bounce back – right before all the automatic debits that I set up take that money right back. Living paycheck-to-paycheck kind of sucks and people ask me if I’m not embarrassed to have my information all over the internet but alas, no! This whole process makes me more accountable to myself. I know that if I hadn’t been doing this I would probably be in a worse situation.

Time to suck it up I guess and really buckle down. I can’t let outside things sway me from my goals. I must, must, must get rid of some of this debt this year. Just make sure you nudge me every so often if I slip up.

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