9 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Open A Bank Account Online

  • I ended up moving my stock account to an online broker, rather than one linked to my bank. Ended up saving me upwards of $15/trade… the big banks (in Canada) like to gouge with exorbitant fees, where as the smaller ones (online) tend to have better rates.

  • Nice post and I could not agree more. Online banking is so darn convenient. Plus, online accounts from ING are offering a higher interest rate than most brick and mortar banks. Smart to take advantage.

  • It’s so much easier to apply for your account online. I can’t even see myself going into a bank to open an account ever again.

  • Depending on your bank you may be able to get all of the benefits of online banking listed here without changing banks. I bank at a brick and mortar bank that provides excellent online services. Heck, they’ll even email your atm receipts to you.

    Of course your existing bank won’t bribe you to keep your account there.

    • I am all for a bribe. When Chase was giving $100 to open a checking account I was salivating. If I could have opened 10 of them I would have.

  • Great post Sandy. I was into ING for a while because of the low fees and slightly higher rates. However, when I started having more sophisticated banking needs I closed my account and decided to keep everything with TD Bank. TD has great customer service and I can open bank accounts online, I love having the flexibility to do my banking when I want to without being put on hold or waiting in line. I am a huge fan of online banking.

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