A $5,000 Wedding in NYC? Yes!

As many of you know, I got engaged back in July of last year.  I immediately promised that my blog wouldn’t become all about the wedding and thankfully, it hasn’t.  I think that I might have mentioned the wedding in twice since then.  Don’t worry, I am still planning a wedding in New York with only a $5,000 budget. Crazy? Like a fox.

I sat down at the end of 2014 to talk about having a frugal wedding with Toni Husbands of Debt Free Divas. I share tips on how I plan on saving money without spending the Manhattan average of over $80,000 for my wedding.  Hop on over and take a listen.

I plan on having two more wedding related articles between now and after the wedding to share actual costs and how I fared with my wedding budget.

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