A Texting Driver Could Have Killed Me

This is totally off the personal finance topic, but I owe you guys a public service announcement.  That photo below is what the back of my car looks like after someone hit me yesterday morning going between 85-90 miles per hour while texting.  Not pretty, huh?

My boyfriend and I were traveling along the Pennsylvania Turnpike about a quarter mile away from our final exit after a 2 hour drive.   He had decided to come along because I would have to deal with the tenant that I was evicting, and he wanted to see the condition of the house.  So there we are, in this two lane stretch of high way.  Nothing in front of us, no one beside us, when out of nowhere, this car shot up behind us like a missile and hit us squarely in the back.

Click to enlarge!

My trunk where my back set used to be!

When we pulled over to the side of the road and I hopped out of the car to see the damage, I started shaking from probably what was rage.  Honestly, my boyfriend thought that I would strangle the young woman, but since we had just passed a state trooper 30 seconds before, he got there before I had the opportunity.

I was really angry because I knew that my car was totaled.  My car is paid for with less than 70,000 miles on it, and I had planned on driving it for at least 10 years, but most likely until the wheels fell off.  Worse yet, I had JUST spent almost $1,000 at the dealer on Wednesday on a host of things for the car, since I have been driving it back and forth to Pennsylvania every weekend, and I didn’t want to have something happen to the car which would leave me stranded on the side of the road hours away from home.

But, we’re alive, and that’s what matters the most. I’m on my way to the doctor with a lovely bruise right between the eyes, and a massive headache (Update: Whiplash!).  My boyfriend had a concussion and pain from where the seat belt grabbed him.

So, do me a favor, please don’t text and drive.  Tell your kids, your friends, your spouse and strangers on the street the same thing.  The life you save might just be your own.


I had given Larry, (also known as Investor Junkie), a ride to the train station the night before and he asked how I liked my car.  At this point, I love it and would recommend the Jetta. That bad boy took a hard hit and I was still able to drive it back home.

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25 thoughts on “A Texting Driver Could Have Killed Me

  • Wow! That’s really scary, I’m glad that you are both at least mostly okay! I hope everything heals up quickly. It definitely sucks to have your car totaled though.

    We saw so many people texting while driving on our recent road trip, I wish more people would realize the danger they’re putting themselves and others in…

  • People who text while driving are driving impaired. I used to be concerned with drunk drivers, but people with sell phones are worse. I have often seen drivers on the phone go through red lights or make unsafe lane changes. I am glad you are okay.

  • Glad you’re okay – that could have been bad. I saw a similar episode happen one afternoon too – and it was ugly. Fortunately everyone walked away. You just can’t have all your faculties working when you text and drive!

  • Glad you’re OK. I recently got a smart phone but never would text and drive. I hope the person who hit you has adequate insurance and you get a ton of money from them and can replace your car with something similar or better with the insurance check…

  • I have a fear of cars. I was in a car accident when I was 7 and a few months ago, I was hit by a car. And a girl in my school died, a year ago in a week, because the exact same thing happened to her, but she was in the back seat.

    And people wonder why I hate cars.

  • I have a fear of cars. I was in a car accident when I was 7 and a few months ago, I was hit by a car. And a girl in my school died, a year ago in a week, because the exact same thing happened to her, but she was in the back seat. RIP Megan.

    And people wonder why I hate cars.

  • I am glad you are Ok! I gave a safety presentation at work about the dangers of texting and driving. You are 4 x more likely to have an accident than drunk driving and have your eyes away from the road up to 5 seconds at a time. Utterly ridiculous!

  • Holy crap! People are INSANE. I see texting ALL THE TIME when I’m driving and I want to wring people’s necks. Such bad accidents! I’m very very glad that you dudes are okay. I always pull over if I need to text. It only takes about 60 seconds of time to do that and the great part is…no accidents that way!!

  • Oh my gosh that’s terrible. I’m so glad you guys are ultimately okay. Will insurance cover the damages? The turnpike is so dangerous that I’ve started doing everything I can to avoid it. But texting and driving is the real culprit. That’s illegal in PA now, by the way. I hope they got arrested. Even though I know they probably didn’t. Those new commercials they’ve come out with have my heart in knots. They show the text that killed the person’s loved one. It really makes you think and prioritize your actions.

  • I’m late to the “party” here, so first let me say- glad you and the BF are okay. 2nd, I also love my Jetta. (We just bought a second one.) But finally, in actual relevance to your situation, if you have your receipts from the work you just had done on the car, submit them to your insurance company, or contact the dealer and ask them to get you copies of the service records for the work you just had done. Proof that you were maintaining your car and that it was in good shape before the accident will help you get a higher payout from the insurance company- at least it did when I had a car totaled.

    • I actually just sent the receipts over to the insurance company! They said that it doesn’t pay dollar for dollar, but that I should get “something” back for it, especially since the work was all of 4 days old. 🙂 Yaay, me! Twiddling my thumbs for the $$$$$$.

  • OMG! I am so glad that you are okay. That’s scary stuff! I can’t believe I’m so late to see this post.

  • Yikes. I hope you guys will be ok. Car accidents can be really scary.

    They have made a law where I live to ban texting while driving. In fact you can’t talk on the phone either. There have been too many accidents as a result of this. If you break the law you get severely fined and could go to jail.

  • I saw that so many people testing while driving on our recent road trip. But they have to know that its a dangerous thing.

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