An End To Tipping?

Is it time for American restaurants to abolish tipping?  Some restaurants are saying “yes” and are doing away with the entire tip line on your bill.

But, others believe that getting rid of the tipping might impact the quality of service that you receive and may also dissuade service workers from entering the industry. Still others are afraid of increased menu prices.

What do you think? Is the European method of factoring the tip into the prices better than the American method of allowing diners to calculate their own tips? Watch the video and chime in.


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9 thoughts on “An End To Tipping?

  • I think factoring in the tips into the food prices is a way better model!
    The service providers get a full wage totally not dependent on the percieved quality of service they provide customers coz lets face it, the tips can vary widely depending on so many other factors that might have nothing to do with the quality of service. And secondly, removes the headache for the customer figuring out what the appropriate amount to tip. I would say its win-win.

  • I like the idea of tipping, but I think the ‘tip creep’ where there are tip jars all over the place, or how hotels charge gratuity in your bill yet there are still staff members sticking their hands out, those types of double dipping practices need to stop.

  • I am a fan of tipping, as I used to work in the service industry after college. But, I feel that when I am on a strict budget and writing down every dollar I spend, I rarely tip the tip jar any more and it makes me feel guilty :p A double edged sword, for sure.

  • I like tipping, but I often find myself over tipping because I feel bad for the waiters or waitresses when I order a water and the cheapest item on the menu because I’m on a budget.

  • Being a European – I only tip for good service – I see it as a thank you to staff who treat me in a pleasant way. And i tip well.
    When i go to the USA I find the whole tipping thing very scary – make sure its the right amount, even when I’ve waited over an hour for my food. Its annoying.
    Surely employers should pay their staff a living wage, and not rely on the generosity of the general public to pay their staffs wages.

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