ATM Turns Your Old Phones Into Cash

If you’ve ever traded up to a new cell phone and wondered what to do with your old phone, there’s a new solution in town called the ecoATM giving you instant cash for your old cell phones, mp3 players and tablets, and it may already be in a mall near you.

This video shows you exactly how the ecoATM works, and how you too can cash in on an old device gathering dust.

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6 thoughts on “ATM Turns Your Old Phones Into Cash

    • Back in the day, you know, the early 00’s it would make sense to sell it on eBay but now there are so many spammers, scammers and schemers there, I’d rather stick an old phone here and avoid the hassle.

  • Where do you find these things at? I need to watch more tv I guess. I don’t plan on giving away my phone anytime soon just another expense I don’t need. But if I ever did this doesn’t seem like a bad option. Soon everything will be an ATM.

  • Whenever I want to buy a new phone model, I always sell my old phone on eBay. There are times when it takes a long time before someone gets interested on what I’m selling. So having another option like this will definitely make it easier for me to sell my phone and earn extra money to buy a new one. However, these machines don’t give you much for your equipment.

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