Mortgages - No-Cost Refi

What Does a ‘No-Cost Refi’ Really Mean?

The pitch for a no-cost refinance sounds pretty attractive: replace your current mortgage with a lower-interest rate mortgage and pay nothing for the privilege of doing it. But before signing on the dotted line, it’s important to realize that “no cost” doesn’t typically mean “free” when it comes to refinancing.

The true meaning of “no cost”

No-cost refis usually mean that borrowers won’t pay upfront costs to get the new mortgage loan — so they might better be called “no-initial-out-of-pocket-cost refis” — but that doesn’t mean the loan won’t cost in the long run. In general, there are two ways a lender can offer a no-cost refinance: […]

Leasing or Buying - Car Loan

Which Is Better For Saving: Leasing or Buying?

When looking for a new car, cost is always a consideration with all of the available options. If you are directly comparing leasing to buying to determine which is the smarter financial option, it is not strictly black and white. There are pros and cons associated with both options that need to be factored into the decision.


Pros of Leasing a Vehicle

The financial benefits of leasing a vehicle include: […]

Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Saving Money On Your Car Insurance

With the turn of the New Year and after the excesses of Christmas, we’re all starting to think about cutting down on our expenses. They’ll be less nights out, not so many dos and work lunches, and you’ll probably be bringing a packed lunch for those first few weeks back after the festivities.

But you’ll also need to think about cutting down on your big expenses as well as just your day to day. Whether looking for the best car insurance quote, cutting down on your energy bills or your home insurance you need to put a money saving action plan in place. […]

How to Start Shopping Online, the Right Way

How to Start Shopping Online, the Right Way

Shopping online is a skill one gets better at with practice. It’s a simple matter to pull out a credit card, perform a search for a product, and then complete the order. It’s also easy to lose a lot of money with bad shopping choices. Connectivity makes it simpler to do everything. One of the things we can do faster and better than ever is tunnel our way into a suffocating pile of debt from which we may never emerge.


To guard against creating those little mole hills of debt that turn into mountains, you should focus on developing safe and smart shopping habits. First, buy your short-term necessities. Then pay down any higher interest credit cards. We should rescue ourselves from the debt pile we’ve made before we make any further spending decisions. […]

Survey of the Best CD Rates on 1 Year

Survey of the Best CD Rates on 1 Year CDs

There are many people who seek the best CD rates when buying a 1 year CD. After all, it is only normal to want the best possible interest rate when buying any investment products. 1 year certificates of deposit are very popular financial instruments among those who want their savings to grow for a few reasons.

Certificates of deposit are guaranteed by the bank and the government not to lose any of their value, so there is no chance of you ending up with less money than you started with after the investment comes to maturity. The value of a CD grows at a constant rate, unlike market based investments such as stocks, whose value fluctuates on a daily basis. […]

Beyond The Food Stamp (SNAP) Challenge: Eating Healthy And Cheap In The Long Term

Beyond The Food Stamp (SNAP) Challenge: Eating Healthy And Cheap In The Long Term

This is a guest post by Forest from Frugal Zeitgeist. Forest has been eating on a budget for some time now and has learned to cook over years of trial and error.

Sandy recently posted about the SNAP Challenge that has been laid down by The Food Bank of New York. New York is not a cheap place to live but for 1.8 million of it’s residents Food Stamps are a real life-line. The challenge to live like this, on just $1.48 per meal, for a week has seen celebrities such as chef Mario Batali join to rally for awareness. […]

Auto Insurance - car upgrade options

Four Ways to Upgrade Your Teen’s First Car on a Budget

You probably remember your first car fondly, no matter how much of a beater it was. It no doubt gave you your first taste of freedom and, no matter how unsightly your vehicle, it was yours. From the air freshener that hung from the rear view mirror to the cassette tapes you listened to while driving, it was the little things that made your first car memorable. That’s why, when your teen starts to drive, you may opt against the purchase of a new car in lieu of an older ride like you used to drive. This gives you the opportunity to help your teen fix up his ride like you once did.

Here are a few car upgrade options that can help your new driver upgrade his car on a budget – whether it’s on your dime or his. […]

Passing the Torch: A Story of Succession Planning and the Family Business

Passing the Torch: A Story of Succession Planning and the Family Business

The following is a guest post from Megan Durham.

Everyone has certain smells that they associate with the holidays. For some it’s pine. For others it’s gingerbread. For me, it’s paint.

That’s because, for as long as I can remember, I’ve spent every winter break with a paintbrush in one hand and a bucket of white primer in the other at the family ice cream store with my brothers and cousins. There’s a lot to paint and fix in the brief two weeks that we close the store, but luckily there are a lot of us.

Some Things Are Worth The Money

Some Things Are Worth The Money

The following is a guest post from Marissa at Thirty Six Months, where she talks about paying off her student debt, learning to invest, and tips to save money.

I’m all about saving money and finding deals these days. You have to be when you have student debt that you are trying to pay off. There is a certain thrill that I get when I know that I saved money by smart shopping. I also look for deals on everything, and if I feel like a generic item will serve the purpose as the name brand, then I will certainly go for the generic. There are certain generic items that had turned out to be bad investments, and those are mistakes that I will never make again.


Starting an Emergency Fund With the Right Amount of Money

David Bakke is a personal finance blogger who writes about budgeting, shopping, and saving for retirement on Money Crashers

The amount of money you should have in your emergency fund varies according to your unique needs. Many experts claim that three months worth of living expenses is sufficient, while others claim you should have six months of expenses covered in your emergency fund.

I have even seen calculators online that provide an emergency fund estimate by combining minimum monthly expenses, the length of time it might take to find a new job, and the amount you could cut back on your spending if you did lose your job. […]

Learn Website Design for Free Online

Learn Website Design for Free Online

For those suffering from the effects of being unemployed or underemployed, there has never been a more important time to develop new skills than in this struggling economy.  Professional analysts and economists are consistently reinforcing this concept.  Unfortunately, being able to pay for a formal education can be even more challenging than fitting it into your busy schedule.

Sure, there are plenty of grants, loans and scholarships to help along the way, but obtaining these funding sources can be difficult and even impossible for some.  They will also differ for each school, as certain types of aid may not be available everywhere.  Since formal courses require a time consuming schedule, you are likely to become even more strained between making ends meet and succeeding in your classes. […]