California Wine Bigger Than Bordeaux?

Thanks to the Golden State’s favorable climate and fertile soil, the California wine industry is thriving. But just how big is the business of the Golden State’s wine? According to some recent studies, it’s huge! The infographic below gives some information about the wine industry.

California Wine
Via: Wine Online

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2 thoughts on “California Wine Bigger Than Bordeaux?

  • No idea California produced that much wine. Wine sales are going crazy! I see people love their Chardonnay. With California being number 4 in the world how does it account for 89% in the US? Do we just not import the other stuff or does price have something to do with it?

  • So if California slides into the pacific, wine is vanishing off the shelf?

    What I find more interesting about US wine is how it shifted from being thought of as low quality to becoming one of the most respected areas for wine production. It’s quite amazing.

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