Don’t Fall for the Call Forwarding *72 Scam

Do not dial *72, it’s a scam!

Imagine that your phone rings late at night and someone panicked sounding is on the other end telling you that someone that you know is in serious condition in the hospital and your phone number was the last one dialed on their cell phone. They tell you that the only way for them to give you information is by having you call an official at the hospital, but first you have to dial *72 and then a number.

What you would have just done was authorized the other number as your call forwarding number. Scammers would then be able to make loads of long distance phone calls using YOUR number and you wouldn’t know about it until you receive a whopping phone bill.

Scammers from all over the world use this one all the time. It doesn’t matter what story they come up with (i.e. you’ve won an international prize, money, or cruise; sorry I dialed the wrong number on my last quarter from a payphone; my cell phone is dying and i called you by mistake; whatever! They just want you to dial *72 and then a number.

When you dial that number on your end you hear what sounds like a busy signal, and you think that your call isn’t going through. What has happened is that you’ve given the phone number that you dialed at pressing *72 the ability to use their phone but have the calls billed to yours.

What they then do is make calls to party lines, porn numbers, psychic hotlines, or international numbers racking up money on your bill and all the while you’ll be oblivious.

So, if someone calls you with a sob story, do not dial *72 because it is a scam. And if you did, dial *73 to cancel the call forwarding and alert your phone company immediately.

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19 thoughts on “Don’t Fall for the Call Forwarding *72 Scam

  • Great tip. Scammers go after every possible angle, unreal. Guess shouldn’t be too surprised. Hopefully most of us wouldn’t do anything a stranger asks us over the phone anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • We’re naturally trusting people I guess. There’s enough of us nice enough to follow directions otherwise they wouldn’t try.

  • Wow! I didn’t know that scam was going on. However, the other day on my answering machine there was a collect call recording saying someone from a correctional facility was trying to reach me and would I accept the call. I instantly deleted that message since I didn’t recognize the name on the other end. My husband then looked online to see if it was a scam since he had never heard of “Twin Towers Correctional facility” (weird, huh?!) and found out that it was a scam. I guess there are some telephone scams out there that are getting very creative!

    • Good thing that you didn’t call! This scam actually originated with people in JAIL. You can imagine how that would come in handy for someone in jail to have a public or pay phone be wired as a number where they could make free outgoing calls.

  • Never heard of this one before – Someone just tried the wiring money to the grandson scam on The Wife’s grandma…she wasn’t having any of it lol

    • Smart granny! I don’t know where they find people’s names from but kudos to grandma for not falling for that crap.

  • Wow, this is good to know. Have you ever got the scam letter from some internet website attempting to get you to pay them for a service. The letter looks just like a bill, but they’re actually offering a service. Didn’t trick me though.

    • I’ve gotten “free” offers then you look at the fine print and there would be bills coming after a very short period. I’m pretty good on sniffing out scammers, spammer, schemers and downright low lifes.

  • Thanks for this post, I haven’t heard if this scam but I’ve been getting a lot of calls about money making opportunities and random texts. Scammers are pretty innovative I have to admit.

  • First I heard of this scam. Thank you for informing me and the rest of us. I’ve gotten emails, mailing, texts and phone calls. Scammers are Real and they will go throught all measures to empty us of our savings our hard working earnings but I think its time we stand up and take our lives back play into there games and let the authories get them and put them away so that they won’t try to take advantage of our people again. Stand up people for what you believe in or fall for anything

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