Secured Loan - Money Saving iPhone Apps

Money Saving iPhone Apps

There are literally thousands and thousands of iPhone apps available which cover a huge range of tastes and requirements. They vary from jokes, games and social networking availability through to serious business applications enabling trade on the Stock Exchange and a virtual office.

Somewhere in the middle are potentially hundreds of very useful money saving apps which are suitable for everyone. Some are offered free of charge but others, although chargeable, will offer savings far above the initial cost of the app or the annual subscription fee. […]

Will Credit Card Debt Be Held Against You In A Court of Law?

Will Credit Card Debt Be Held Against You In A Court of Law?

This article was written by Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO and Founder of, a website that helps consumers trade gift cards and get the best credit card deals.

When you think about debt collections, your mind probably jumps to ringing telephones, strangers on your doorstep and stress. And it’s true—debt collectors are typically quite persistent in their efforts and are liable to try just about anything to convince you to pay. However, as you perhaps know by now, certain rules govern their conduct. Unfortunately though, debt collectors do have the right to sue you for money that you owe. And if you’re not careful in handling your debt, you could very well find yourself on the wrong side of a civil court decision that not only requires you to pay the full balance of what you owe but also holds you liable for legal fees. […]

Retail Forex Trading Versus Institutional Trading

Retail Forex Trading Versus Institutional Trading

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Retail Trading Versus Institutional Trading
Just over 10 years ago, the retail forex market did not even exist.  Today, however, the retail fx market stands as the largest financial marketplace in the world.  The Bank of International Settlements estimates that average daily turnover in the forex market is about $4 trillion per day.  Of that $4 trillion, about $250 billion is estimated to be retail forex transactions. […]

Britain 'Heading for Boiler Breakdown Emergency Meltdown'

Britain ‘Heading for Boiler Breakdown Emergency Meltdown’

Since the day after Christmas, Boxing Day in much of the rest of the world, New York has had at least one snow storm every single week.  We experienced 60 year record low temperatures this week, so my boiler has been working overtime trying to keep the house warm.  The boiler is a good 15 years old, and I’m hoping that it doesn’t die from me pushing it to maximum capacity this year.  Unlike me,  Britons have been braced to expect a boiler breakdown emergency every few years by alarm sounding experts.  […]