Dealing with Insurance Companies post-Irene

Hurricane Irene rolled up the East Coast and depending on where you were you either thankfully escaped any damage like I did, or had flooding in your basement and even a tree falling on your house like my neighbors.  If you’re reading this you’ve lived through it, which is the most important thing.  The second is to prepare for a fight with your insurance company.

Below is a helpful video on dealing with your insurance company post Irene.  Let’s hope that we all never have to file claims with our insurance companies.

Editor’s Note. After I posted the original video, the television news station curiously closed its Youtube account and removed the original, very helpful video. Here is an alternative.

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8 thoughts on “Dealing with Insurance Companies post-Irene

  • Windstorm deductible! I’m going to check my policy, you have me worried. Glad you came through the storm without damage Sandy. We are very lucky too, only missing a few shingles. The suburb to our east had significant damage from the wind. The flood damage was very minor.

    • I learned about that one after Katrina. I kept hearing about people who didn’t sustain water damage not being covered because they didn’t have this wind thing. Who would think to have all that extra stuff?

  • “This video is not longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated”

    I guess the insurance people didn’t like us plebs trying to inform ourselves…

    • Wow! And it was from the NEWS on their own Youtube channel! It was REALLY GOOD information. I have to go back and find another decent one. Thanks for pointing it out!

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