5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Businesses Carbon Footprint

Reducing your business electricity bills is not only financially beneficial to your company, but it can also make a positive difference to the environment. Read the following tips and see how you can reduce your businesses carbon footprint…

Carry out an energy audit

Make sure you conduct regular meter readings and compare consumption throughout the year. This will insure your company is able to identify areas that could save itself a lot of money whilst also keeping on top of energy efficiency tasks.

Be realistic

Remember, impractical or difficult energy saving measures will have a negative affect on colleagues and most probably be ignored. Try and not be too unrealistic. Recommending that your company has wind turbines positioned near the foot of the car park may be little unrealistic. However asking there to be recycling bins fitted near the printer and office would be a more reasonable goal.

Use Lighting Efficiently

When you leave an interview or board room make sure you turn off  all the lights as this will save money on your gas and electricity bill.

Hold Energy Saving Meetings

The more colleagues you get on board the better. Remember, you need the support of the whole company to make a massive difference and so by organizing a meting just once a week is enough to get everyone thinking about ways they can help save energy.

Turn Heating Down

Ensure you keep your company’s heating at a stable level and make sure doors and windows remain closed when the heating or air conditioning is on. By increasing room temperature by just one degree you will see your heating bill increase by 8 % each time.

If you liked these energy saving ideas for your business then share them with your colleagues or friends and get a step closer to reducing your company’s carbon footprint.


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1 thought on “5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Businesses Carbon Footprint

  • Monitoring your carbon footprint is especially vital to our planet, especially if you are a business. It is crucial to reduce greenhouse gas emissions wherever possible. If a business measures their emissions, they can learn how to effectively manage them. By doing so, it can have a large impact on helping tackle the problem of climate change. There is even the opportunity to reduce your business’ expenses in the process. If you own or manage a company and you want to reduce that company’s carbon footprints, the following explains some procedures that can get you started in the right direction.

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