Debt Collectors Use Manti Te’o Social Media Tactics

The always funny, always entertaining Dominique Brown, CEO of DNB Financial Planning and the person behind the blog, Your Finances Simplified makes very witty videos related to personal finance.

I couldn’t help but share his video on how some debt collectors are reaching out to people via social media, essentially fooling people the same way that Manti Te’o was fooled. Beware the sexy stranger hitting on you online. They might just be a debt collector.

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2 thoughts on “Debt Collectors Use Manti Te’o Social Media Tactics

    • This is an interesting YouTube that I enjoyed watching. They are getting very manipulative and the few that I have dealt with are bullying me into paying them money that I currently do not have. I have educated myself on my rights and if I don’t know who people are, I do not become friends with them on any social media.

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